In 2017, Tesla announced the creation of what they called the Tesla solar roof. The roof, which was a replacement for regular roofs, was produced by Tesla’s Buffalo Gigafactory. With this new roof, you have to remove your old roof and replace it with a mix of non-solar enabled glass tiles and solar enabled glass tiles.

The elegant design and its aesthetics make it very popular amongst many people.  Because it is expensive and that you might not need a new roof at the moment, you might want to ask;

Are Solar Panel Roofs Worth It? Yes, they are worth every penny. Aside, from the environmental advantage of solar energy, solar roof panels can be easily used as an alternative to conventional roofing material.

If you are considering your options in New Orleans roofing, you’ll find all you need to know here.

The Cost Of The Solar Panels

From Tesla, the average cost of the solar roof is about 21.85 dollars assuming that the roof is made from 35% solar tiles. With an area of 2,000 square meters, you would spend less than 44,000 for roofing.

However, some disparities exist in the costs as some reports with actual quotations differ from these figures. For instance, a report from ELECTREK has it that the tiles alone go for 35 dollars. Calculated this way, it will amount to a total of 64,000 dollars on a 1,862 square feet area.

Cost Comparison: Are Solar Panel Roofs Worth It?

Picture Of Solar Panel Roofs

For the best comparison, three case scenarios were considered. In all three of them, the calculations were based on a measurement 3,000 square feet area. The hypothetical house assumed a hypothetical 200-dollar electricity bill monthly, which is quite fair for New Orleans and most other regions in the United States.

The cost data used here are from Tesla’s cost calculator. However, you should know that real-life quotations might differ so much from what Tesla has in its records.

1st Case Scenario: You Need Solar Power, But Your Roofing Doesn’t Need Replacement

This case is the most common for most American homeowners. It would be best if you switched up to use solar panels for various reasons. You have been on the internet lately, and you have picked the buzz about the new Tesla roofing, and you are very interested.

However, your home doesn’t need a change of roof, at least not in 3 or 5 years. In your case, the Tesla Solar Roof might not be the most financially informed decision for you. When you buy the Tesla Solar Roof, you are buying both a new roof and paying for solar installation. Technically, you are paying for something that you do not need.

Someone going for 8.5 KW Solar installation alone in New Orleans will pay around 26,000 for a 3000 square feet area while going for the Tesla Solar Roof will cost you 50,900 dollars for a 5.6 KW system in the New Orleans. Note that the cost from Tesla might be less than what you get in a  real-life situation. If you decide to go for the solar panel roofing, it will imply that you are paying 25,000 more for 23% less electricity.

2nd Case Scenario: You Need New Roofing As Well As Solar Power

This case is not something that happens every day, but then you might fit in this description if you are building a new house from scratch. You might also fit into this category if your roof happens to be nearing its validity period. For people in this category, the answer to the question “are solar panel roofs worth it?” is Yes.

In this case, as against the first case scenario, you are seeking out various options to roof your house. The Tesla Solar Roof becomes an excellent option here because, either way, you will be constructing a roof. Now you decide either build a roof and an added solar installation or go for Tesla Solar Roof with both.

If you are keen on seeing beautiful designs, the Tesla Solar Roofs might be your best shot. Compared with the first case scenario, the option of a regular solar panel installation along with a new roof will cost you 34,080 dollars. This option is 12,860 dollars cheaper than the Tesla option.

However, Tesla’s price is justified when you consider the aesthetics attached to it since Tesla uses glass tiles. You should note, though, that the production is still the same as with the first case scenario. For that price, you will still be paying for 23% less electricity.

3rd Case Scenario: You Have A Lot Of Money, And You Want New Tech

For people in this category, Tesla Solar Roof is the best fit. To be clear, these group refers to people who wish to own new tech and do not mind the costs even if it means removing their New Orleans roofing that is in perfect conditions. The truth is, a majority of those who have this new technology are people in this category.

As a homeowner in this category, you should have in mind that people who adopt technology very early always have to deal with the issues that come with early adoption. Solar panel roofs have relatively complex installation procedures.

Asides, being a new product, there might be issues with varying quality and performance results. However, Tesla always gives extended periods of support to their early adopters. So, there is almost nothing to be scared about in this regard.


If you own a house or you are building one, consider the options you have for New Orleans roofing options with solar power. You should find as many options as possible and weigh the pros and cons of all your offers. You can check the internet for real quotations. Most sites come with calculators that help you to make precise calculations.

Do you know that the roofing of a building is one of the most critical parts of the building? Do you know that a roof is more than just shingles and woods? The roof decking plays a supporting role in the weight of the entire roofing system. You also have the ice or water barrier, waterproof underlayment that protects the roof from moisture, and metal flashing, which ensures water run-off and the drip edge.

Do you know that a roof ought to breathe (that is, there ought to be a ventilation system)? A whole lot of details go into roofing a house, and it also requires the services of skilled personnel who are well trained in handling the complexities involved. If you need professional roofers in the United States, you can check out some fantastic roofers in Colorado Springs.

There are also lots of unknown details about roofing a building. It is also important to note that the climatic condition of the region you live in determines the kind of roof you use for your building. While gable roofs are best suited for colder or snowier areas or when vaulted ceilings are used, hipped roofs are used for the drier, less rainy and windy regions because they are more wind resistant.

One of the significant challenges with ceilings is leakage. No matter the area you leave in, roof leakage can become a nightmare. It is better to be on the safer side and prevent such troublesome experience. Therefore it is essential to know how to prevent your roof from leaking.

Is A Leaking Roof An Emergency?

Roof leaks do occur, especially after the building has stayed for a couple of years.  So, when you observe a leaking roof, you need not panic. However, fixing a leaking roof yourself might be dangerous if you never got training on how to do so.

You might not be able to figure out what went wrong. Seek professional help for roof leaks. Before you do that, though, you can take the following steps:

1. Shut Down The Electricity:

This action prevents electrocution, especially when the water is spreading very fast all over the roof and down.

2. Carefully Control The Water:

Control the dropping water to prevent the water from damaging other properties, the floor, and the wall of the building. You can control it by using a bucket or towel placed directly under the leaks to manage the situations. It would help if you also cleared all the properties around the leaking area to prevent damages, then you can search for the leading cause of the leak.

3. Get Professional Help:

Contact a trained and experienced roof repairer to get the job done. Explaining the situation to the repairer might also be of benefit to the repairer.

Do Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Leaking Roof?

As a homeowner, it is essential to take the extra step in ensuring you get a homeowner’s insurance policy for your home. A standard homeowner insurance policy covers roof leaks and water damages, irrespective of the cause except in cases of neglect on the part of the homeowner. With the insurance policy, you can save yourself some money as the insurance company steps in to save the day. The insurance company also checks if the damages were preventable.

Maintenance Tips To Prevent Roof Leaks

To ensure you get the best of your roof, you must take some maintenance measures that would help your roof last longer. These maintenance tips prevent damages to your home and save you the trouble of frequently encountering roof leaks or spending extra money on roof repairs.

The following measures should be of assistance to you;

1. Regularly Inspect Your Roof:

Detecting the source of roof leakage can be challenging. Most times, the leak goes unnoticed until it has done some damages, and the path of the water not easily traced. A professional is needed to detect the source of leakage.

Therefore, to prevent serious challenges with your roof, it is essential to book an appointment with a roofer who will carry out a professional inspection on your roof. He would inform you if the roof needs special attention anytime soon and possibly give you some tips that would be of assistance.

2. Watch Out For the Attic:

The attic of your roof is one place you should give attention to. Ensure nothing is causing leaks inside before you check outside. Most times, homeowners overlook the attic because they have little or no knowledge about it.

You need to ensure that the attic gets well ventilated as a lack of ventilation in the attic can result in moisture and heat buildup. The buildup can result in a loss of functionality with the insulation and damages on the shingles, sheathing, and rafters.

3. Don’t Neglect the Flashing:

This neglect is a common source of roof leakage. It involves all the metals or the vinyl materials used as connections for different parts of the roof. These materials include; chimney, vent, the skylight, and other roof joints. Ensure the flashings hold tightly and firmly.

4. Pay Attention To The Roof’s Drip Edge:

The roof drip edge helps keep water from the roof and fascia. Check if there is any missing edge. Faulty drip edges can allow water to wet the wood, causing it to rot or get to the interior part of the roof. Insects can also get into the ceiling through the openings.

5. Clean The Gutter System:

The gutter system plays a vital role in ensuring there is no water damage.

6. Watch Out For Trees And Branches:

Damages from trees are preventable. However, they can cause significant damages if not checked.